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Company address

Good evening!

I'm trying to get my company's address to appear as multiple lines on POs, etc.  The only place I can find to enter the address is System->Defaults.  There is only one line available and unfortunately, the address appears as a single line on the Ship To on a PO.

Alternatively (and additionally), I attempted to use the Ship To button on the PO.  The fields presented are poorly explained and I attempted to enter information that I wanted to appear for the Ship To on the PO.  When I hit Continue, the system said that I had to select a location.  So, I paged back to the Ship To entry screen and I selected the radio button next to the information I entered.  When I hit Continue, the system said "Please dont select from others."

So, I'm basically stuck here.  Could someone walk through the process?

Thank you!
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