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Tax rounding issue

Hi, all,

In my production 1.3.x books, I've got a few $0.01 transactions showing 
up on the AR Aging report, as well as transactions. However, I cannot 
close them out because they are actually a fraction of a cent.

These came from a sales tax calculation. Our sales tax rate here is 
0.095 (9.5%), and when applied to my only taxable product, it ends up 
coming out at $53.655 as the total for the invoice. However, when I 
receive the payment, it rounds up to $53.66.

So I now have a bunch of transactions that show a balance of -$0.005 
(but are rounded to $0.01 on most screens).

I just tried using Cash -> Receipt to close these out -- the 
transactions in question don't even show up on the Cash -> Vouchers -> 
Receipts screen. However, it rounded the receipt up to $0.01, so now 
it's showing that it's out of balance +$0.01 instead of -$0.01.

How should I resolve these?

John Locke

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