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Re: rounded values in templates - linetotal

hi all,

well please forget about the subject: I did further investigations and the
problem is a little bit different from my description and especially from
the subject

* Giovanni Biscuolo [2013-06-12 17:54:41 +0200]:


> and the result is "14.16" as aspected
> ...but in my sales orders (and invoices) a value as "14.16" is converted to a
> linetotal of "14.15"

well I tried this:

1. new sales order with 2 items

1.a item 1 with price 14.155, the amount gets rounded to 14.16 (both in
"price" field and in "extended" field with qty=1)

1.b item 2 with price 14.90 and 5% discount, the extended amount (qty=1)
gets rounded to 14.16 as in 1.a (plz note that the discounted amount is

2. save the order and print it in HTML (same behaviour in PDF)

2.a item 1 price is 14.16 and obviously the total amount is the same (qty=1)

2.b item 2 price is 14.90, disc. 5% and amount is **14.15**

the discounted amount gets rounded differently in "order entry" and in
templates (HTML or PDF)

I have searched in http://sourceforge.net/p/ledger-smb/bugs/ and can't find
any bug on this issue, I'm going to open a new one

please is there someone on this list willing to do a quick test in their
LedgerSMB instance using the same values I used and comparing the results?

the very same issue happens in invoices too


Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera - IT infrastructures

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