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sequence settings numbering problem

hi all,

I'm using LedgerSMB v. 1.3.25 (Debian package "ledgersmb 1.3.25-1: all"
currently in jessie - testing - repo) and I'm facing a problem with special
values in sequence settings (System | Defaults menu)

if I set the value of any "Number" (e.g. Sales Order Number) in System|Defaults to 

  <?lsmb YYMMDD ?> 0001

when I post that document (e.g. Sales Order) I get a sequence like this:

  <?lsmb YYMMDD ?> 0002 

it seems the placeholder for YYMMDD is not replaced with the date, the
special template code does not work (sequence numbering works well)

the sequence numbering special values are documented in user manual section
6.5.1, and YYMMDD is one of those; I've tested with date also but it doesn't
work too

any hint to fix this please?
in Italy we should issue invoices with a unique numbering starting from 1
every year and we must include the year in invoice numbering

thanks in advance

Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera - IT infrastructures

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