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Questions about install of LedgerSMB on a Windows XP PC [Forwarded from forum]

Hi All,
I am trying to do a fresh install of LedgerSMB on a Windows XP PC.
So far I manage to install the following software separately.
1. Strawberry Perl
2. Apache server
3. PostgreSQL
4. Unpack the LedgerSMB folder from the .gz file.
All these 4 packages need some configuration in order for LegderSMB to
Can someone or experts give some tips or point me to a guide ?
Thanks in advance. 


Upon further reading and I think I might some idea.
1. Just install strawberry perl
2. install apache server and set to localhost, localhost,
3. Install PostgreSQL. What configuration that I need to do ?
4. Unpack LedgerSMB folder and drop it into the Apache server folder. Do
I need to modify the shebang of all the perl modules ? If yes, how to do
it ? 

My response was:

I really don't know anything about windows anymore. I left it behind
years ago.

You should consider subscribing to the users mailing list:


However, I am going to forward your questions to the list.

You can read any responses here:
You cannot post to that list through the forum. 

Chris Bennett

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