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Re: ledger-smb capabilities question

On 02/06/2013 09:41 PM, Chris Travers wrote:
> The larger question is why you want it done a product at a time?

I was just breaking tasks down into chunks to ask feasibility.  Doing a list of transactions
for a customer sale is more like it.

Just to clarify, since I am leaving parts on the shelf until the time of an order,
they are in inventory at parts costs.  When I import transactions of kits sold via
a web site, I want to create invoices per customer, and also trigger ledger movements
from inventory assets, (parts in a bill of materials for a kit) to cost of goods sold,
automatically.  Now I have notes about current costs in the item description,
and update that whenever doing a reorder of parts.

"Maybe I could schedule some time to chat with you over skype or Google Voice"
I was asked to be part of a google hangout recently and discovered I was nowhere near
ready, but have since bought a web cam, so that could get set up and usable soon.
A phone call is what's easily possible now though.

John Griessen

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