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Re: need a little help installing perl module perl-Config-Std for F18 install of ledgersmb-1.3.29

On 02. feb. 2013 16:42, ario wrote:
> Ok, so I got a new VM with Fedora 18 minimal install on it, and after
> getting a copy of ledgersmb-1.3.29-1.noarch.rpm and to prevent any
> mismatch with CPAN I didn't use it altogether, but instead did:
> $ sudo yum install mlocate perl perl-Class-Std perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
> perl-Test-Base perl-Test-Pod perl-Test-Pod-Coverage tar
> Get repoforge's perl-Config-Std:
> $ curl http://apt.sw.be/source/perl-Config-Std-0.900-1.rf.src.rpm --O
> perl-Config-Std-0.900-1.rf.src.rpm

Can you try to rebuild the source rpm:

As root do:
$ rpmbuild --rebuild perl-Config-Std-0.900-1.rf.src.rpm

If it works, do

$ yum localinstall /path/to/rpm/file/rpm-file-name.rpm

And then:
> $ cd ~
> $ sudo yum localinstall ledgersmb-1.3.29-1.noarch.rpm
-- H

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