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payment received workflow

So I send an invoice for 2250USD, and I get a checque, and I deposit
said checque to my CAD account.  The bank gives some rate of interest.
I don't know what rate they gave me, what I know is what I got at the
end of the day.  I feel that the payment receive form should let me
enter the CAD amount, directly, and have it calculate the FX rate for

So I'm reconciling, and I notice that when I did my math, I put in the
1/X the FX amount. (Easy to do when $1.00xCAD ~= $1.00xUSD). The
difference is $26.

Now what?  
My choices seem to be copy-to-new, and then to try to make up an invoice
for the exact amount that it is wrong. Only it's not in my favour, so it
looks really wrong, because it doesn't go correctly against the FX
gain/loss account.

Or copy-to-new, make a new invoice.  Pay that one, and delete the
original.  Only, it's not the invoice I want to delete, it's the

I totally like that, *ONCE* reconciled, my activities should require a
reversal, because it got checked against the bank statment.  

I don't like that the reconciliation report locks the statements that
are visible on it, even if they aren't included in the result. (So, in
the above situation, I expect to delete my report and try it again)

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