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Can't create ledgersmb database or ledgersmb user on Windows 7; make not possible

I would be your typical purchaser of packaged software with an installation wizard from a commercial software manufacturer. ÂSo it has been quite a battle to go through the the process of installing LedgerSMB, where a geek level of technical knowledge seems to be required. Â

I intend to use my experience to write a detailed installation procedure to post on ledgersmb.org. ÂIf there was a more user-friendly installation process, there would be a greater uptake on Windows and OSX. ÂMeanwhile this project to provide instructions would help in the eventual development of a one-click installer wizard.

PostgreSQL Problems

I am installing LedgerSMB on Windows 7 following your terse instructions for Windows and Ubuntu (very hard to translate Ubuntu setup back to Windows when there ain't no sudo, etc!). ÂNormally my login is user Buster, which has admin privileges, and which was used to install LedgerSMB.

Perl and PostgreSQL (from EnterpriseDB) installed okay. ÂThe installer asked to provide a password for postgres (superuser), which I understand is the Administrator on Windows. ÂAnd indeed a C:\Users\postgres user account is created.

However, the user postgres does not show up in the User Accounts control panel (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts\Manage Accounts). Â(When I try to run psql.exe, it asks for the password previously created during installation, but when this is entered, psql complains that this is not an acceptable password for Windows user Buster -- my normal Windows administrator login.) ÂÂNor can I log in as user postgres when, presumably, the postgres password _would_ be accepted.

Can you help me with setting up the user and database?

Note 1: I was able to run

  cpan List::Of::Modules (from the older Windows and Ubuntu instructions, not the recently updated versions)

Note 2: Should I run the Stackbuilder installer from EnterpriseDB? ÂWhat does this install?

LedgerSMB Package Problems

I ran the LedgerSMB installer, shebang,Âand

  perl Makefile

However, I could not run make as this is not a native Windows command-line command. What should I do?



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