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Important - which files need to be writable? This affects backups and making copies


I've put the LS files into a user's home directory - /home/ledgersmb/web.

I thought that the files for LedgerSMB should only be updated when carrying out an upgrade - and that all configuration and data would be stored in the database.

However, when I try to edit the letterhead template I get:


templates/xedemo/en/letterhead.html : Permission denied

Now - I can ope up the permissions to allow the web server to write to this directory - but this means that LS is altering the files - and storing data in the files.

This has large implications for backing up LS and making copies to other servers. When LS is moved the database will have to be moved - but it looks like some files will have to be moved as well.

Could someone point out which directories are expected to be writable and therefore which files should be backed up and moved?