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Re: ledgersmb-1.3.23-1 on debian-6.0.6, post-install

Hi ario,

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 9:33 PM, ario <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi, now that I'm able to access the setup.pl, I am confronted with a
screen saying: "Data Management Console", and under "Superuser
Credentials" I am required to fill out a "Database" field, after which I
can click on a Login button.

Now there are three 'companies' of which I have the 1.2.21 backups on
disk and which need to be upgraded to 1.3.23.
Should I give the name of one of those companies in the 'Database'
field, after which I will be able to import the 1.2.21 backup of that

Then repeat those steps for every company?

The upgrade procedure assumes a valid 1.2 company - it detects that - and upgrades it to a 1.3 company. So, you should probably restore your company in a database to your liking and point setup.pl to that -- by way of entering the name of the restored database into the "Database" field.