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Near Done With Recovery (famous last words..... )

Hi All,

I've got the backup to load (messing about with pg_restore, I forget to note which worked unfortunately).

I've gone through duplicate customers, suppliers and invoices ok, and it's now asking for

Default AP
Default AR

I've googled for contrib_dir and there seems to be some confusion as to this being part of LSMB or Postgres - what should go in here, a full path to a directory? If so, which one?

Default AP & AR

I didn't change these on the original. Are these account names or numbers? What are the default values (I can't look at a running system to look yet).?

Just as a matter of interest, does LSMB recalculate everything, e.g. invoices, when extracted from a backup, or are such things stored as they were, so to speak? I'm just curious what happens when a duplicate is removed, will the overall numbers change e.g. total sales value?

Thanks again for the help - hopefully this will be the last request!