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Restoring from backup

I've got LSMB running and can log in.

The next thing is restoring from the .sqlc file saved as a backup from v.1.2.xx,I'm restoring into 1.3.18

Ive tried

pg_restore -U postgres -C my_backup_file  (from a reply by Chris)

both as a normal user and as prostgres. All that seems to happen is the data scrolls by in the terminal window!

A couple of things:

The backup was created from within LSMB using the button. Do I need to be postgres user to restore?

Does the restore create the dbase?

How does restore create the Company name - if I need to enter the name, how do I deal with spaces in it?

Is there any problem with LSMB/Postgres comaptabilty - going from LSMB v1.2.xx to 1.3.18, Postgres 8.1 to 9.1?