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Re: CPAN Modules Can't Install

On Sat, 2012-10-13 at 02:03 -0400, Emmanuel Asante wrote:
> Two modules 'Template::Plugin::Latex'
> and 'Template::Plugin::Latex'cannot install and I get the error
> message:
> DBD::SQLite::db prepare failed: near "Template":syntax error at c:
> \strawberry\perl\vendor\lib/CPAN/SQLite/DBI/Search.pm line 92.
> I googled but I did not get any solution. Can anybody tell me what the
> problem is and why SQLite is being installed?

   It may have been associated with installing the DBI/DBD modules but
I'm not sure...  (I didn't see such an issue myself...)

   If there is still an issue, did you try installing the necessary
DBI/DBD modules separately?