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Problems upgrading from LSMB 1.2.0, guidance sought

I am working to upgrade a 1.2.0 installation with four active sets of

I dumped one set of books, restoring them to a new empty db.

>From my webserver, after modifying the script to use a -h db.server
switch on the psql invocation inside the loop, I ran: 

`time /bin/bash reload_modules.sh ymd_lsmb_1318 \
	> reload_modules.sh.output \
	2> reload_modules.sh.err`, 

and then used a grep | wc pipe to determine that for the 30 lines in
LOADORDER, I now had 19 ROLLBACK's and 4 COMMIT's.  

Can anyone here please offer guidance on how to proceed to resolve this
and complete this migration?

I have posted the STDOUT and STDERR here:

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