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Re: Cash Income statement not giving correct values?


I am removing the cash report option for 1.3 for now and working on new reports for 1.4.

The logic and database schema has not changed significantly since the fork here.  Chances are if it is not working, it has never worked.  Reviewing some other apparent feature requests, this has been a problem since 1.2 at least.  We can't really subject the old code to automated tests without an excessive amount of work.  The major problem is that the reports were never intended to be subject to automated tests and hence a lot of things don't go out of scope when a test case might expect them to be.  So without being able to verify that new reports would work, I don't see how we can fix them in place.

Removing the code for now basically means we are working on real, testable, cash-basis reports.  These may be available as a back-port.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers
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