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Discussing reconciliation adjustment workflows

Hi all;

I am working on documenting the reconciliation workflows for 1.3 to a
greater degree than they are documented to date.  I want to request
feedback from users as to these current workflows, and what you like
or don't like about them.

I will be asking about the approval workflow when I get to it
(probably tomorrow at current rate).

The current preferred workflow for entering an adjustment is this:

Enter a GL transaction with the source as the same source of the
document you are adjusting on the line you are adjusting.  This gives
you transparency (in reconciliation you can see what's happening) and
it gives you an ability to reconcile effectively.  Each adjustment
line can then target a different source, and the balance placed
against another account.

Is there anything wrong with this workflow from everyone here's perspective?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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