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Re: Questions and comments on inventory management.


Thanks Pete and Chris for your answers!

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 7:23 PM, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> I am going to add here that there is an internal customer and vendor
> currently included in 1.3.  This is called "Inventory Entity" but can
> be renamed.  The idea is that initial stockings can be invoiced to
> Inventory Entity at full cost, while losses can be sold to Inventory
> Entity at 100% discount.
> The idea is that this is not a "fake" invoice so much as an internal
> invoice.  You would want to sell the item to yourself in the event you
> had to account for use tax anyway, so keeping these on internal
> customer/vendor accounts allows for auditing etc.

Ok, for lost / damaged parts: the sell with 100% discount should work
(would need to check with the accountants, but I don't see anything
fishy about it, according to what they told me last time)... but, the
problem with initial stocking remains.

I mean: even if I add a vendor invoice from "Inventory Entity" (I
actually did that while testing), you still need to pay the invoice,
so, the next question is: where will I pay that invoice from? (that
doesn't reflect as an actual buy, and thus alter ISR and/or other
taxes calculation).... and, of course, using a 100% discount on the
"fake invoice" will not work, because will add the inventory with a 0
value.... and if I don't pay the invoice, I'll have the amount on
Accounts Payable...... so, maybe I'm missing something here.

Once again, thanks for your answers, and please, be certain: I'm here
with all the intention to help.



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