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Re: "Closed" transactions and reversals

Hi Andrew,

I've noticed that when I VOID transacactions they remain in any searches as still "open". Is there a simple way to mark these and their positive counterparts as closed so they don't clutter up my screen ?

Yes, there is: see the book-in-progress (http://book.ledgersmb.org/) section 34.3 "Invalidating invoices"; you have to make a zero-amount payment with the two invoices selected.Â
Also wondering what the "Save Info" and "Hold" buttons are meant for on the AR screen.
To answer your question, I wrote sections 39.3.2 (Tracking invoice history) and 39.3.3 (Special treatment of invoices) in the section 39.3 "Managing arrears" of chapter 39 "Credit risk management".

Hope those sections answer your question! (And if not, please do not hesitate to follow up with your comments and remarks.)


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