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Re: 1.2.x support?

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 10:52 AM,  <..hidden..> wrote:
>>Hi all;
>>I am looking at ceasing to provide community support after the  beginning
>>of March 2012.    I would still be willing to work on legacy versions on a
>>paid basis forever.  However, at present it doesn't seem that there is
>>anyone on these lists who is using 1.2.x, and therefore it doesn't seem to
>>be worth my time to worry about allocating time to it.  I would rather be
>>spending my community time on 1.4 anyway to the extent possible.
>>Am I wrong about this?
> Don't get me wrong as a 10 year Gentoo server user I am used to living on
> the bleeding edge and I really appreciate you doing Ledgersmb offering all
> this support.
> However I am not convinced that 1.3 has all the functions and features of
> 1.2.
> Please correct me cause we would love to use the AJAX stuff in 1.3.
> Is there a document somewhere that compares all the features that are new
> / changed /deleted from 1.2 <-> 1.3 ?

The release notes for 1.3.x are a good starting point.  As is the
changelog.  They may not be comprehensive but they represent at least
all the intentional changes.

However, features existing in 1.2, not in 1.3, and not mentioned in
each of those documents are bugs.  Feel free to file.  I am working on
the fact that the contact rewrite originally accidently omitted price
matrix display and editing for a per-contact (rather than per part)
pricelist in 1.3, and while we added display, I am adding editing
right now.

> We find 1.2.18 to be the most usable version.
> It seems with every upgrade some functionality was gone or commented out
> although yes promised in a future version.
> For example I never solved what happened to menu.pl that made buttons to
> parts quit working on the edit assembly page in 1.2.18:
> (Around line 148)
>  if (substr($form->{action}, 0, 1) =~ /( |\.)/) {
>      &{ $form->{nextsub} };
>    } else {
>      &{ $form->{action} };
>    }
>    #&{ $form->{action} };
> Turned into: (Around line 148)
> &{ $form->{action} };
> (Our line numbers may be different at this point.)

Ouch.  Can you file a bug report on this?

> I suppose we seemed to need features that nobody else was interested in
> like NET::SMTP::TLS
> We have over 5000 of lines of custom code at this point and probably 8-10
> custom tables.
> We tried in the beginning to use the "custom code" functions but we needed
> changes too fundamental like rose::db::object.
> I have been skeptical about moving the logic to Postgres but I suppose we
> could roll up our shirt sleeves and learn PL/pgSQL. I am afraid we will
> have port our custom stuff to PL/pgSQL.

The old framework is deprecated but a lot of stuff hasn't been moved
yet.  This includes parts, ar/ap transactions, invoices, and much
more.  It will be years before LedgerSMB/Form.pm goes away.

> Diffing / merging the entire /bin and /Ledgersmb dirs one version takes
> some time and it is a real let down to get done with it to find
> functionality gone.
> Is this all wrong now 1.3 has all the features of 1.2?

One of the significant
> If not as long as we are free to help ourselves here that is fine if you
> no longer support 1.2X

First, you are free to help yourselves here.  That never goes away.
It just won't be a priority as to my development/support time except
as necessary to help folks to higher versions.

And if you need paid support, it's still going to be there probably forever.....

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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