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Re: unexpected version error

Hi Billy,

Thanks to everyone, ledgersmb now can create databases, but they cannot be accessed through the application.

Attempting to log in at the screen displayed by


Results in the error message:


Database is not the expected version. Was 1.3.0, expected 1.3.12. Please re-run setup.pl against this database to correct.

Trying to re-run setup.pl against the database is impossible because:

A screen with the following messages appears

Confirm Operation

Unknown version found.


Yes No

Where choosing either Yes or No returns me to the prior screen (the Data Management Console) in an endless loop.

How can I disable or work around this version check?

All ideas and advice are greatly appreciated.

Can you log into the database from the psql command line and run this query:

 > SELECT * FROM defaults WHERE Âsetting_key = 'version';

so we can see what setup.pl is choking on?


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