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not the expected version (unexpected version)

Hi again, everyone,

I decided to start a new thread because the problem now seems to have been reduced to the unexpected version dilemma.

Here is the problem at the moment.

setup.pl announces that it has successfully created the database. When I try to log in using I get the unexpected version message and hint to rerun setup.pl.


Database is not the expected version. Was , expected 1.3.12. Please re-run setup.pl against this database to correct.

When I try to do that I get the following:

Confirm Operation

Unknown version found.
Yes No

Clicking on either 'Yes' or 'No' and then 'Next' just takes me back to the same Database Management Console. I can't get any further than this loop process. In other words, there doesn't seem to be any way to re-run setup.pl against the database a second time.

A step-by-step summary of the process I used follows.

When I create a new database, I get the following screen:

Confirm Operation
Database does not exist.
Create Database?
Yes No

Choosing 'Yes' and clicking on 'Next' brings up the following:

Database Management Console

Country Code

Where I choose 'us' and click on 'Next'

Which brings up the next screen:

Database Management Console

Where I choose 'General Sql' (default selection) and click on 'Next'

The next screen is “Enter User'

where I input a different name to test (I used mine already) and make sure duplicate data doesn't hang things up.

Username: barbara

Password: admin
Yes No (I selected 'no')
Salutation: Ms.
First Name: Barbara
Last name: Miyose
Employee Number: 1
Country: Japan
Assign Permissions : Full Permissions

and click on 'Create User'

This brings up the Data Management Console which says:

Database Operation Complete

This database operation has completed successfully.
(the above line is blackened)
LedgerSMB may now be used.
Return to setup
Start Using LedgerSMB

Choosing 'Start Using LedgerSMB”

brings me to the Login

where I input the information I entered above and click 'Login'

Which brings me back to the error message:


Database is not the expected version. Was 1.3.0, expected 1.3.12. Please re-run setup.pl against this database to correct.

Should I try reinstalling ledgersmb? Any ideas are very much appreciated. 

Thank you.


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