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pre-2.8 SQL-Ledger upgrade

I've been running SQL-Ledger for quite some time. I stopped upgrading
around the time I found out about LedgerSMB. I had not upgraded to
2.8.x, but I read at the time that once 1.3.x was released, there
would be an upgrade path. I've held SQL-Ledger at 2.6.19 and now that
1.3.11 is released, I would like to consider migrating. The migration
page is rather confusing though and I'm not sure if the newest script
posted in 2011 will work or not. Would it be better to upgrade to
SQL-Ledger 2.8.x first and then try the migration or do it from
2.6.19? Is it just a matter of adding the users afterward or is this
going to be a very tedious operation that might not work in the end?
Is there still a migration help mailing list?


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