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Re: Translate form dropdown fields?

 The country field is just one example.  Elsewhere in a dropdown field is "Billing", "Sales", and "Shipping" which is not going to make sense to a Brazilian user who only understand Portuguese.

These should actually have been translated through the .po file. If they're not, it could be that the .po file is missing translations. If it doesn't, then we would benefit from having a listing of all screens which have been insufficiently prepared for translation (I use the English setup myself). We can go about fixing the strings which can't be translated yet.

Let's start with reporting some of your translation issues here on the mailing list. If we can't fix it quickly for some reason, we should move the reports to the bug tracker.

If I open a customer record after performing a search (AR/Customers/Reports/Search) and then go to Addresses, the very first field is "Type" and the dropdown includes the values "Billing", "Sales", and "Shipping".  I added translations in the Brazil .po file for "Type" and "Billing". After making these changes, if I go back to this page, the field label has been translated from "Type" to "Tipo" as expected.  The dropdown field though still contains "Billing" instead of being translated. Is that the expected behavior?

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