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Specifying payment terms of 30/60/90 days

Here in Brazil it is common practice to accept three or more predated checks for payment for goods or services purchased. Each check would predated to 30, 60, 90 days.  In other words, check 1 would be cashed 30 days out, check 2 would be cashed 60 days out, and check 3 would be cashed 90 days out.  I also believe that companies will offer the same type of terms without requiring the predated checks and instead the customer will come in to make their payments at 30/60/90 days.  When setting up a Customer account in Ledgersmb 1.3, is it possible to specify the terms similar to this so that late payments, AR, etc. can be properly calculated based on this type of payment terms?

Best Regards,
Steven Marshall