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Ledgersmb Receipt printing over WAN

Is it possible to direct a print job (i.e. receipt) to a locally attached printer instead of sending the print job to CUPS on the Ledgersmb server and then redirect back to the local printer at the client site?  I have a situation where I am concerned that that the ISP of my customers block incoming ports (i.e. CUPS communications) such that the print job will never get through the required port where the local printer is located.  I am pretty sure I can use SSH via Putty and tunneling since they do allow that port open, but setting this up at each client would not be ideal.  Looking for suggestions on how I can set up printing (mostly POS receipt printing) for a number of dispersed clients using one Ledgersmb installation on my server in the most simplistic way in terms of my clients installation requirements.

Not sure if this is viable, but has anyone used something like Google Cloud Print and could this be a potential solution to the above described problem?

Best Regards,
Steven Marshall