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Re: Installation on Windows XP

Any suggestions or tips for me to follow on this error.

From: Abdul Qadir <..hidden..>
To: "..hidden.." <..hidden..>
Sent: Friday, 13 January 2012, 10:05
Subject: Re: [Ledger-smb-users] Installation on Windows XP


dmake did worked and I saw some compilation going around. After that i tried to run  http://localhost/ledgersmb/setup.pl got this error

Can't spawn "cmd.exe": No such file or directory at LedgerSMB/Sysconfig.pm line 210.
Fri Jan 13 09:46:39 2012 Sysconfig.pm created tempdir /tmp/ledgersmb rc=65280
Can't locate Log/Log4perl.pm in @INC (@INC contains: C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib C:/strawberry/perl/vendor/lib C:/strawberry/perl/lib .) at LedgerSMB/Log.pm line 59.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at LedgerSMB/Log.pm line 59.
Compilation failed in require at LedgerSMB/Auth/DB.pm line 22.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at LedgerSMB/Auth/DB.pm line 22.
Compilation failed in require at LedgerSMB/Auth.pm line 69.
Compilation failed in require at LedgerSMB/User.pm line 60.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at LedgerSMB/User.pm line 60.
Compilation failed in require at lsmb-request.pl line 31.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at lsmb

Abdul Qadir

From: Chris Travers <..hidden..>
To: ..hidden..
Sent: Thursday, 12 January 2012, 16:56
Subject: Re: [Ledger-smb-users] Installation on Windows XP

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 12:52 AM, Abdul Qadir <..hidden..> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your help, was able to complete step 1 and step 2 with some minor
> adjustments as mentioned below (reference for other newbies like me)
> cpan Module:Install
> Go to directory where you downloaded ledgerSMB and type
> perl Makefile.PL
> But was unable to complete step 3 i.e. make.  possible to give some more
> help as typing this command results in error "not recognized as internal or
> external command..."

Do a search for the file.  The program should be included with
Strawberry Perl, and it wraps both gmake and dmake.

If this fails you can try to use cpan to install all the prerequisites
individually.  Note you will need the PostgreSQL developer headers etc
installed as well (hence the need to select that during PostgreSQL
> Instead I tried perl - make and got these results. Not sure if this is the
> correct way.

Nope.  This means run Perl and use ake.pm......

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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