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Re: Announcing LedgerSMB 1.3.10




On 2012-01-17 12:52, Chris Travers wrote:
Hi all;

The LedgerSMB core team is proud to announce LedgerSMB 1.3.10.

1.3.10 is the latest in the 1.3 series, which offers separation of
duties, enhanced contact management, and role-based security, enhanced
reconciliation workflows, better payment handling, and more.

This release corrects a number of important bugs in foreign currency
handling, but not all known bugs in this area are fixed.   I believe
that there are workarounds for the remaining issues while we explore
the best possible fixes.  Additionally there are permissions fixes,
fixes for installing against PostgreSQL 9.1, and more.  The complete
changelog is below.

Users of 1.3.x are encouraged to upgrade at your earliest opportunity.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.3.10
* Fixes for permissions for exchangerate table (Erik H)
* Fixes for POS cashier permissions.  (Chris T)
* More Localization Fixes (Herman V)
* Customer/Vendor Search now shows records without credit accounts (Herman V)
* Better error handling contrib modules not found (Chris T)
* pos.conf.pl no longer overwritten on upgrade (Chris T)
* Fixed multi-currency single payment handling (Erik H / Chris T)
* Fixed "New Window" not working (Erik H)
* Fixed Pg 9.1 detection in setup.pl (Chris T and Pongracz I)
* Fixed SQL error loading Utils.sql (Michael R)
* Updated docs on foreign exchange settings (Erik H)
* Fixed forex settings not saving on defaults screen (Chris T)
* Formatted paid amount for payment screen (Herman V)
* Fixed help message on prepare-database.sh (Michael R)
* Fixed links on payment report (Erik H)
* Added more forex documentation (Erik H)
* Fixed UK chart of accounts VAT accounts (Erik H)
* Fixed issues involving employee_id references (Erik H)
* Fixed shipto menu (Erik H)
* Fixed wrong orders showing up on ship/receive (Erik H)
* Fixed Makefile.PL version info (Chris T)
* Fixed HTML attribute quoting (John L and Erik H)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels
John L is John Locke
Michael R is Michael Richardson
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan

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