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Re: Installing Ledger-SMB in Parabola

I have just started postgresql but did not create a database.

I am now installing the perl modules successfully:

pacman -S perl-log-log4perl perl-locale-maketext perl-locale-maketext-lexicon pacman -S perl-dbi perl-dbd-pg perl-mime-lite perl-error perl-file-mimeinfo

But when I search for module DateTime I don't know which of these to choose:

community/perl-datetime 0.70-3
    A complete, easy to use date and time object
community/perl-datetime-cron-simple 0.2-4
    Perl/CPAN Module DateTime::Cron::Simple
community/perl-datetime-event-ical 0.10-1
    Perl/CPAN Module DateTime::Event::ICal
community/perl-datetime-event-recurrence 0.16-4
    Perl/CPAN Module DateTime::Event::Recurrence
community/perl-datetime-format-builder 0.8000-5
    Create DateTime parser classes and objects
community/perl-datetime-format-ical 0.09-2
    Perl/CPAN Module DateTime::Format::ICal
community/perl-datetime-format-iso8601 0.07-3
    Parses ISO8601 formats
community/perl-datetime-format-mail 0.3001-7
    Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats
community/perl-datetime-format-strptime 1.5000-1
    Parse and Format DateTimes using Strptime
community/perl-datetime-format-w3cdtf 0.06-1
    Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings
community/perl-datetime-locale 0.45-1
    Localization support for DateTime.pm
community/perl-datetime-set 0.31-1
    Datetime sets and set math
community/perl-datetime-timezone 1.42-1
    Time zone object base class and factory

And I cannot find these modules at all:


I still get the same error when trying the make command.