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Re: Ok, maybe it isn't worth upgrading all the data...

On Sat, 3 Dec 2011, Chris Travers wrote:

Ok.  So a couple questions:
1)  Is there an appropriate AP account set up?

there are two service items on the invoice, each have income_accno_id of 10033 and expense_accno_id 10103. I can't find an id of 10033 or 10103 in
account_heading or account.

select id,accno,description,category,heading from account where id=43;
 id | accno |        description        | category | heading
 43 | 6221  | ABE Commissions and Fees  | E        |   10098

is where I expect the charges to go.

select id,description,income_accno_id,expense_accno_id,project_id from parts where partnumber ~* 'F';

  id   |            description            | income_accno_id | expense_accno_id | project_id
 14299 | ABE Commissions on sales          |           10033 |            10103 |
 14300 | ABE Credit Card handling fees     |           10033 |            10103 |

are the parts.

2)  If hte parts were migrated check to see if the income_accno_id,
inventory_accno_id, and expense_accno_id values are found in

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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