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Re: can /ledgersmb/login.pl take arguments ?

On 20. nov. 2011 09:57, Chris Travers wrote:
On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 12:21 AM, Håvard Sørli<..hidden..>  wrote:
can ledgersmb/login.pl take arguments ?
Username and password have to be sent via auth fields.

company=database_name is an accepted argument.

Should this worked:

* Start test *

I start with a blank browser tab.

past url

Get the login page
All fields are empty

Fill inn
Name:  myusername
Password: mypassword
Company: 		<--- leave it emtpty

Hit "Login"

Gives error:
Company does not exist.

* End test *

I had expected that the Company field was filled with the argument from the url or takes the value ahead and login.

As a side note: on logout I got this: