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Re: new install password request


The likely issue here is that the initial password creation
temporarily valid, with the idea that the individual setting the
password may not be the application user.  Consequently the password
has expired and you cannot log in.

To solve this, you can do one of a couple things:

1) You can locate your pg_hba.conf file and change the authentication
type to "trust" briefly while logging in and changing your password.
This requires telling PostgreSQL to reload its files (or restarting

2)  You can log into PostgreSQL with something like:  sudo -u postgres psql
and then change the expiration date.  Something like:

ALTER USER 'myusername' WITH VALID UNTIL '2011-11-09';

Then when you log in, you should be able to change your password under
the preferences screen or if it will expire within a week, it should
pop up that screen when you log in, with a warning on top.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers