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Debian Squeeze - 1.3.1 - en_GB error

Hi all,

Managed to getting running on Debian Squeeze, but I get an error when
trying to set language to en_GB in user prefs:


23503:ERROR: insert or update on table "user_preference" violates
foreign key constraint "user_preference_language_fkey"
DETAIL: Key (language)=(en_GB) is not present in table "language".
CONTEXT: SQL statement "UPDATE user_preference SET dateformat = $1 ,
numberformat = $2 , language = $3 , stylesheet = $4 , printer = $5 WHERE
id = (select id from users where username = SESSION_USER)" PL/pgSQL
function "user__save_preferences" line 2 at SQL statement

The database was created with Country Code UK.

Does en_GB need to be enabled somewhere?

TIA for any help on this.

Laurence Southon
London, UK