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Re: New password required.

Thanks Chris, your input is appreciated.

On 20 October 2011 09:49, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> Maybe it is connecting but hitting the old db and not finding the
> proper user credentials?

I can't run the setup.pl to set the database anyway.

> Do you know if these are from LedgerSMB?  I doubt we are doing
> anything that would raise those warnings.

I can't think what else they could be from.

> Ok, you need to set a password for the postgres user or create a new
> db superuser.


> Then you can log into the setup.pl with username foo and password bar.

*the server localhost:80 requires a user name and password. The site
says: LedgerSMB*

> That can't be the whole of it.  Those are warnings, probably thrown by
> a new version of Perl, shouldn't be causing the software to
> malfunction in this way.

Yes. You asked how 1.2.22 was broken and I pasted the error messages
for that. That's when I decided to upgrade to 1.3.1.

> If you set the symlink back and try to log in, what happens?  I'd
> suggest getting 1.2 working again before upgrading to 1.3 so we aren't
> troubleshooting two things at once.  1.2 is still supported.

Setting the symlink back allows me to log in, but gives me the Perl
errors I reported previously.