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Importing Data

I am not an SQL savvy individual. As I am moving test data from a QuickBooks
generated CSV file that has been reordered to match the table structure of a
given entity within LedgerSMB, I have need of generating that ID field when I
 do so.

The line I'm using to import data from the properly organized CSV file is:

"ACI=# copy employee from
'/home/dcbdbis/Documents/ACI-CSV-Files/ReorganizedEmployee.csv' with delimiter
as ',';"

Of course it's having an issue with the ID field. This may be a dumb question to
SQL savvy folks out there (which I am not), but how do I tell SQL to generate
that ID field for itself for indexng/sorting purposes?

I have been told that this field should not be manually manipulated.

Do I need to leave a blank field for it (as it is the first field) in the CSV
file, and/or do I need to put into it some special contents that would trigger
SQL to generate this field? Or something else?

Assistance will be appreciated.

Sincerely and respectfully,