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Re: 1.3RC4 Installation HTTP 404 issue help request Log messages

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 9:23 PM, Dave Babb <..hidden..> wrote:
> Thank you. I've got the web portion up and running, but have other issues. I
> re-read the INSTALL text file, and I didn't see where I missed any steps.
> I think once I have this all up and operational I'll write a wiki on it and
> share it with the group/project.
> The "./tools/prepare-company-database.sh" is throwing errors along the lines of
> (there are several unique entries along the lines of:)
> "ERROR:  role "lsmb_aci__project_translation_create" already exists"

These errors are traced, but ignored by the setup.pl.  They occur if a
database wasn't properly cleaned up when it was dropped.
> When running the setup.pl script, when I acknowledge that this is an unknown
> version and asks permission to proceed (from the webpage), and I grant it, it's
> goes back to the 500 error.
> But knowning what I know now....I'm going to ferret through the error.log and
> see if there is anything else obvious before I post any more issues.
> I'll post with other issues, and then the fixes.

Great.  Even just log entries may be helpful.  It is possible a
post-RC4 fix may have solved the issue you are having.  In particular
if this is the user creation screen, and you are just giving "manage
users" permission there is a known bug here.  You can select full
permissions to get around tht problem if that is acceptable.
Otherwise check out from SVN.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Best Wishes,

> Thank You for the assistance.
> Sincerely and respectfully,
> Dave
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