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considering LedgerSmb


I'm very new to LedgerSmb and considering if this software can be used for a particular product. I hope I'm posting this question to the correct list. Please tell me if not and maybe point me to the correct one.

So here is the particular question (in the form of a case study)

Industry : aluminium window manufacturing

I'm aware I can create products with attributes in ERP's, but in this case some products have the (in my eyes) special attribute:
- length (in mm)

So i.e. you can have an article called 005.0136 which you can buy in lengths of 5000mm and 7000mm. You must be able to put other lengths back in stock. i.e. if you cut 800mm from a length of 5000mm (needed for a project) then you have 4200mm going back to stock.

This is somewhat related to the color of a t-shirt example you get with most ERP's. But I don't want length to be considered as the same. i.e. I don't want to have a combobox showing me the currently existing lengths when I put a length back in stock (as this would have no sense). Also, when I wan't an inventory list I want to have a count of total mm in stock etc.

Would you guys use an ERP like LedgerSmb for this kind of industry ?

thanks for any help !
erik colson

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