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Error updating AP "Add Transaction" LSMB 1.2.25


I recently started getting the following error while trying to update an AP "Add Transaction" screen:

menu.pl:92: Can't call method "is_zero" on an undefined value at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/Math/BigInt.pm line 1197.

I pull up the blank screen, select a vendor and enter an amount in the amount field.  I then press "Update" and I get the above error.  I'm running FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p3, Perl 5.12.4, lighttpd and PostgreSQL 9.1.0.  I've run perl-after-upgrade and I've also tried reinstalling BigInt.  I still get the error.  I also recently upgraded to LSMB 1.2.25 from 1.2.22.

Does anyone have any suggestions on tracking down the error?  I'm not sure if this is ../menu.pl or ../bin/menu.pl.  It would appear to be in the following line: