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Re: Fedora 14 Install Script

> > I think (as Matt suggested) I'll try to post it on the devel list. 
(( Sorry. Meant to say 'as Chris suggested' ))

> Have you tried the RPM for 1.2.24?

I hadn't found it, though found references to it.  It's not in the distro repository, nor did I find it on your sourceforge page.

> The big issue is we want to play nicely with other apps.

This caused me some heartache as well. Particularly with changing the authentication in Postgre from Ident to MD5 via a script, since that could really mess up someone's production server. But I needed it in my situation because LSMB was accessing the database in funny ways and I'm not a Postgre person (I'm barely MySQL literate).

> What I am thinking about for 1.3 is to break things up into
> two RPM's,
> one for the db and one for the web app.  This would
> allow us to
> install the db server if necessary as well as command-line
> tools for
> setting up the db

I don't think that's necessary, since the limit to the apache setup is simply putting 'ledgersmb-http.conf' in a directory that apache would see it. Right?

> In 1.3, one lsmb app has to hit one set of host/port. 
> The users are
> set up for the most part within the application itself.

Great! Sounds like you're already there.