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Install error

I'm trying to get working ledgerSMB v1.24 on a vanilla Fedora 14 and have finally got it somewhat working on my system.  Now the software is giving me an error when I add the very first user to the dataset.

I log into admin.pl and enter the user's data. Hit the "Save" button, way at the bottom, and get this error:
UPDATE defaults
SET value = ?
WHERE setting_key = ?
ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block

I go to login.pl and try to log in as the user I just made, and get this error:
SELECT value FROM defaults
WHERE setting_key = 'version'
ERROR: relation "defaults" does not exist
LINE 2: SELECT value FROM defaults

Getting the error from the Apache error log shows up this:
[Timestamp] [error] [client] DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: relation "defaults" does not exist, referrer ....
[Timestamp] [error] [client] LINE 2: SELECT value FROM defaults, referrer..
[Timestamp] [error] [client] at LedgerSMB/User.pm line 207., referrer ...

I go to the database and get a table listing:
# psql -U ledgersmb -d ledgersmb
ledgersmb=> \d

Schema |          Name          |  Type |   Owner
public | session                | table | ledgersmb
public | session_session_id_seq | table | ledgersmb
public | users                  | table | ledgersmb
public | users_conf             | table | ledgersmb
public | users_id_seq           | table | ledgersmb
(5 Rows)

Is it really looking for a table named "defaults" in this database?  How do I go forward with the install from here?

Thanks for the help. --Matt