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Re: Proposed workflow for upgrade wizard for 1.2 to 1.3

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    Chris> Screen 2: We will now check out your database for problems
    Chris> that might interfere with the upgade.  (run queries to check
    Chris> against new unique constraints that are known to be
    Chris> problematic.  If problem found go to three, if no problem
    Chris> found go to 4)

A lingering problem I have had, which I've never solved, was that at
some point in sql-ledger history, OIDs became required, but I didn't
have them.  I think I've fixed all the relevant tables, but probably not
all of them.
I'm not asking you to fix things, but tell me.

    Chris> Screen 3: Problem found....  List problem records.  Give an
    Chris> opportunity to correct the problem in non-destructive way.
    Chris> Then continue running query checks, For each problem found
    Chris> repeat this screen.  When no more problems found, go to
    Chris> screen 4.  Note this will not correct some problems (missing
    Chris> or unrecognized countries) which will be addressed
    Chris> post-migration.

In some cases, it may be reasonable for someone to fix the database
directly,  so please don't cache too much, and recheck old problems.

    Chris> Feedback?

I'd love to have this in a test framework.

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