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Development progress [2011-06-26]

Another (two?) week(s) have gone by and it's time for another progress
report. We've been working hard to further drive LedgerSMB 1.3 (trunk)
to stabilization.

And with success: Even though new bugs were found and logged, we're
currently down to 0 (zero!) bugs registered in the bug-tracker (and
none located elsewhere). The pending patches queue contains only 2
patches and all pending patches from the mailing list were committed
as well.

The above was realised in roughly 120 commits, which contains fixes
(or rather, mostly improvements) to:

 - the database schema related to (AR/AP) tax accounts
 - customer account entry/editing
 - employee entry/editing
 - verbosity of server error logs (ie. reduction thereof when no errors)
 - aging reports
 - trial balance report
 - payment report
 - tax report
 - 'database backup' mailing functionality

Support was added for:

 * setups using suEXEC to run LedgerSMB Perl scripts
 * specific customer related e-mail addresses to be used for billing

Everybody who runs LedgerSMB off a Subversion working copy / check
out: you're highly encouraged to update and provide feedback!

Chris and I discussed today we're getting closer to beta4 everyday and
it's feeling really close now. Everything we can iron out before beta4
is a huge win and my help reduce chances of requiring a beta5 -- which
would mean a delayed LedgerSMB release.