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Re: Development progress

Hi, all,

It's really great to see rapid progress these days. Way to go!

I had written up a bit of a response several weeks ago when Erik was
getting involved, and I guess I never sent it. The one bit that's still
relevant is a suggestion for a CLI tool...

In Drupal, there's a sub-project called drush (the "Drupal Shell"), and
in its short history it has made a tremendous difference in
administering a Drupal site. I'd like to suggest something like this for

Some example commands that are supported by drush:

drush sql-dump -> do a database dump to stdout

drush sql-cli   -> open up a mysql/psql client, can be used to easily
restore a database dump

drush update  -> check for updates to Drupal core and contrib modules,
download any new ones, untar in the appropriate place

drush updatedb  -> run all module updates (in Drupal, modules can
provide update scripts that may alter their database structure, change
data, etc)

drush status  -> report version, status, file paths, etc on current install

drush user-inf -> provide details about a user account


... the key part about drush is that it bootstraps the main Drupal
environment, establishes a connection to the database, and provides a
framework that's super simple to write scripts to accomplish any kind of
maintenance task you might want.

With so much of the code in Postgres, I find myself wanting such a
utility... I'd like to be able to compare stored functions with their
corresponding files, generate patches, etc. It would be very useful for
applying updated permissions to roles, adding users to roles, updating
the menu structure -- and if it could be used to preserve data while
altering a table with some foreign key constraints or stored functions
-- a cascade update, more or less... that would be fantastic.


On 06/16/2011 01:28 AM, Chris Travers wrote:
> As further progress, we've closed out large numbers of 1.3 bugs and
> this is continuing.  I expect to make a few changes to the db loading
> routines to make them easier to maintain.  Commits are continuing
> apace.  Perhaps another beta of 1.3 can be released soon.
> What I'dlike to accomplish for the next beta is:
> 1)  Menus respecting acls.
> 2)  All employee management working (right now it is all broken)
> 3)  Database scripts broken down to be easier to maintain metadata
> tables like the ones for the menu.
> 4)  Adjustments made to accomplish the above.
> 5)  The patches marked for manual merge having been merged.
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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