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Re: Future of LedgerSMB: Ideas and RFC

>>>>> "John" == John Locke <..hidden..> writes:
    John> Huh, that's kind of funny, reconciliation is only important to
    John> me because the reconciliation in 1.2 so totally screwed up our
    John> books we've basically had to start over. The reconciliation in

Right, which is why I keep wanting to move forward, until I read:

    John> I feel like I'm alone in using LSMB 1.3 in production -- I
    John> keep hitting really basic bugs that prevent me from being able
    John> to get my books done, and I'm sure would affect anybody else

and then I'm like... "okay, so do I have a set of books that are less
important" and ...  

    John> using the system. Again, we're limping along, patching as we
    John> need to and have a moment, getting lots of help from Chris --
    John> but it's far from ready for production. To get there, it needs
    John> more daring shops who can live with some pain to actually put
    John> it into production, like me, so we can all start squashing
    John> these bugs -- and we need a way to get the fixes quickly
    John> shared with everyone else, without Chris being a bottleneck.

okay, I promise to move sandelman.ca and credil.org up to 1.3 this

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