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Perl upgrade


I, unfortunately, ventured down the road of upgrading my perl installation on my FreeBSD 8.1 box from 5.8 to 5.12.  I followed the directions from the /usr/ports/UPDATING file and rebuilt everything that depends on perl.  After doing so, I was getting errors related to Math::BigInt and the log on screen wouldn't even appear (from the error log file).  I installed BigInt (with the GMP library) and could get to the log on screen; however, the only things that would appear in the menu system were submenus (with a few exceptions).  If I looked under AP, for example, I would see "Reports" and "Vendors"; but wouldn't see any of the other screens such as "Add Transaction."  When I look in /var/log/httpd-error.log, there aren't any errors.

Frustrated, I downgraded back to 5.8 and rebuilt all dependencies again.  However, the above problem still persists.

I'm running LSMB 1.2.18 on FreeBSD 8.1, Apache 2.2.16 with PostgreSQL 8.4.4.

Does anyone have any insight?