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change invoice flow

    Luis> Hi Guys,

    Luis> I’m testing LedgerSMB and need some help with taxes. When I
    Luis> create an Invoice of USD 1000 with 5% sales tax the system:

    Luis> Debit 1200 Accounts Receivables usd 1000 Credit 2150 Sales Tax
    Luis> usd 47.62 Credit 4410 General Sales usd 952.38

Michael >> Looks like you have a the "tax included" button selected.


That is right! It is selected. However, if I remove "Tax included"
flag, the system creates a invoice of 1050.00  instead 1000.00 - And
it still uses only 3 account  (Debit 1200 Accounts Receivables; Credit
2150 Sales Tax; Credit 4410 General Sales).

Today I talked to an accountant, he said that the system is showing
our Revenue net of Sales TAX. We need our revenue Gross.  He added
that on his software, we had a button on its system setup to not
reduce from Revenue any kind of expenses (including sales tax).

Any ideia on how to force LSMB to not deduct Sales Tax from "General
Sales" account?

Thank you

Luís Marcelo de Almeida Nogueira
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