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Re: Quick Syntax Question

For a reason I know not, and repeated asks have produced no answer, no variant of a unified date string will produce a properly formatted date according to my local idea of "proper". The workaround is this:

<?lsmb yy ?><?lsmb mm ?><?lsmb dd ?>01

although you may be able to do:

<?lsmb yy ?><?lsmb mmdd ?>01

I have never tried that, however, as I don't need the dd portion.

Also be aware, that the right hand side does not reset when the left hand side changes.

In other words, these are not resetting incrementing numbers--they are incrementing numbers. So, you will not end up with:


as you might expect, but:


Which I always find annoying, and which has lead to me using very long rhs values and no day portion, simply so I do not have to go in and reset the default all the time.

It's on my to do list to implement a resetting runningnumber option, but I haven't looked into how yet.


On Sun, 18 Apr 2010, Ken Smith wrote:

Simple question - what's the right syntax to get the invoice numbers to
be in YYMMDDNN format. I've tried <?lsmb YYMMDD ?> and <?lsmb DATE ?> in
the defaults and I find I can swap the month and date round but the year
is always at the end of the string adjacent to the NN part of the
invoice number.