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Re: Some newbie questions

Armaghan Saqib wrote:
On 17/04/2010 03:52, Ken Smith wrote:

I then created a user, but mistakenly made that user a normal user, not
an admin. But the system won't change the user to an admin when I edit
the user. I then deleted the user and re-created it, this time as an
admin, but not all the rights get assigned to the user so it can't
create customers, see the chart of accounts.

Is there are way to sort this out or am I better to drop the databases
and start fresh. There's no data of any consequence in there at the moment.

I've probably missed some simple step that will be obvious when I  find out.

Hi Ken,
Edit the user using admin.pl and make sure all menu options are checked and just save it again. User should have all the rights now.

Armaghan Saqib

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That's the thing, I have done exactly that and when I view the users settings again the items I have ticked are unticked.

Although SELinux isn't logging any errors I'll turn it off and try again.



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