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Bank (check acct) reconciliation problem


I'm in the midst of putting LSMB into production use for a small company. It's still early in the year so I'm having all the transactions entered by hand from the beginning of the year. Transactions from the check book register and bank statements were entered using the G/L "Add Transaction" function to record each transaction individually.

Problem: In January 2 checks were written toward the end of the month (on the 28th). These 2 transactions were recorded on that date of Jan. 28 via "G/L Add Transaction". However those 2 checks were not cashed/cleared until February 8th.

January's bank statement does not show these 2 checks clearing (which is correct) but in February's statement the checks show cleared.

When I try to reconcile January I can't get this month to reconcile to the bank statement if I exclude these 2 checks. I get an error message. If I include these 2 transactions as clearing in January (which is not correct) then it reconciles, which doesn't make sense...

Am I missing something obvious?  Any suggestions would be welcome.