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Invoice Departments, vs. Receipt Department

In 1.2:

Customer X
Invoice 1: Department A
Invoice 2: department B

The receipt screen has a department dropdown, covering the entire invoice set. Customer X has paid with a single check for both invoices.

I can either attribute the entire payment to Department A (or B), or I can add two receipts for the same check.

This is similar to the multiple departments on a single invoice problem, but in my view even more likely to occur.

Assuming the effect is what I think it is, I would even call this a bug, not the missing feature which line-item departments is.

What is the effect of this? I have not worked with departments much, but I assume that the primary place where this error will be visible (assuming I do a single receipt for one of the departments), is on reports of department p&l.
If so, is there a way to fix that?

Or is two receipts the only way here?

Or is there no effect at all?